General Questions:

What is MiHealTeam™?

MiHealTeam™ is the first mobile application platform that opens a channel of communication for patients, loved ones and the healthcare team, to deliver a one-of-a-kind patient experience. MiHealTeam™ is an immersive patient-centric application that places patients and their loved ones at the center of the healthcare delivery ecosystem. Our digital solutions involve collaboration with key clinical teams to deliver tailored, meaningful information at your fingertips - including vitals, anticipated discharge date and much more.

Is MiHealTeam™ the right fit for my hospital or health system?

Patient experience is at the heart of MiHealTeam™. We are excited to partner with forward-thinking hospitals and health systems who share our philosophy and values to deliver an unparalleled patient experience. MiHealTeam™ creates interactions of superior quality that translate into higher patient satisfaction, faster discharge and better quality ratings for hospitals and health systems. Moreover, our solutions are highly configurable to fulfill your unique needs.

Which devices are compatible with MiHealTeam™?

MiHealTeam™ is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, and the apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple store and Google store, respectively.

How does MiHealTeam™ work?

Both MiHealTeam™ Patient App and MiHealTeam™ Staff App are downloadable for free from the Apple store or Google store. After a short registration process on the Patient App, a unique identifier along with your unit and room number will be linked to your account through our administrative portal during admissions. A healthcare staff member will be assigned to your account and then you are all set to interact with MiHealTeam™ during your hospital inpatient stay!

How do I create an account on MiHealTeam™ ?

When you log into the app, click “Register Now” and enter your name, email address, cell phone number, date of birth and password in order to set up your new account.

What is my username for the app?

Your username for MiHealTeam™ will be the email address that you used to create your account.

I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

When you log into the app, click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

After logging into the app, click on the Menu symbol at the top left corner of the dashboard, click “Change Password” and enter your old password and new password.

Is MiHealTeam™ safe and secure?

MiHealTeam™ has undergone a HIPAA risk assessment to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards. MiHealTeam™ uses SSL encryption to protect all personal health information and data.

Who can see my information in the MiHealTeam™ app?

Your information is securely protected by data encryption and is only available to healthcare staff at the facility, and/or loved ones that you share your healthcare journey with during your hospital stay via the MiAdvocate feature on MiHealTeam™.

What should I do if I get disconnected from the app?

If you become disconnected from the app, please check your connectivity as MiHealTeam™ relies on a stable Wi-Fi or LTE connection. You may also try to log out and log back into the app.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need MiHealTeam™ support?

Please feel free to reach out to our MiHealTeam™ support team by email at - we are happy to help!

Guidance for Patients and/or Loved Ones - MiHealTeam™ Features:

How do I upload my profile picture within the app?

After signing into the app, click on the Menu symbol at the top left corner of the dashboard, and then click “Profile.” When you click on the photo icon, you can either take a picture using your camera or upload a photo from your gallery.

How do I view my prior vital measurements (e.g. blood pressure)?

Click on the “My Health” tile on the dashboard, and then click on the “Blood Pressure” tile to view a log of all date-and-time-stamped vital measurements.

Why do the healthcare staff members displayed on “My Care Team” keep changing?

The composition of your care team on the app continuously updates in real-time as healthcare personnel (e.g. nursing staff) go into and out of their shifts. Your care team consists of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nursing aides and/or interns.

Can I send a reply back to the healthcare staff member who sent me a Broadcast or Assistance response?

No, the “Broadcasts” tile on MiHealTeam™ is designed to be one-way communication only from the Staff App user to the Patient App user. Patients receive a notification and may view the Broadcasts and/or Assistance responses for informational-purposes only. Loved ones have view-only access to these Broadcasts and Assistance responses as well.

How do I record a plan/reminder?

Click on the “Today’s Plan” tile on the dashboard, and then click on “Add Plan” in the top right corner of the screen. After you record your note by free text or voice dictation, then click “Save.” You may also edit or delete your plans by clicking on the pencil icon or trash icon, respectively. In addition, you may view personalized plans directly from your healthcare staff on MiHealTeam™. Please note that your plans/reminders on the app are visible to Staff App users as well.

Where can I find my tentative discharge date on the MiHealTeam™ app?

Your tentative discharge date can be found within the “My Discharge Plan” tab, located within the “Today’s Plan” tile on the MiHealTeam™ dashboard.

How do I access my Discharge Checklist on the MiHealTeam™ app?

Your interactive Discharge Checklist can be found within the “My Discharge Plan” tab, located within the “Today’s Plan” tile on the MiHealTeam™ dashboard.

Can I submit final comments/feedback before leaving the hospital?

Yes! We always welcome comments and feedback from our patients. Prior to being discharged from the hospital, click on the “My Discharge Plan” tab within the “Today’s Plan” tile on the dashboard. Upon completing your Discharge Checklist and clicking “Done,” a brief Yes/No questionnaire will appear. At the end of the brief survey, you may leave any final feedback about your patient experience in free text form or voice dictation on the MiHealTeam™ app.

Where does my information on the app go after I am discharged from the hospital?

All of your communications on MiHealTeam™ are deleted within 24 hours after you are discharged from the hospital.

How do I submit Patient Experience ratings and who can view them?

On the “Patient Experience” tile on the MiHealTeam™ dashboard, you may submit daily star ratings pertaining to your wellness and/or your care team (once every 24-hour period). A five-star rating is the highest and a one-star rating is the lowest. You may select your desired rating by gliding your finger across the stars or by tapping on an individual star, and then clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the “Wellness” and “My All Star Care Team” tabs. Ratings are visible to nursing unit managers/nursing leadership on the administrative portal to allow for proactive and continuous improvement in the patient experience during your inpatient hospital stay. Your care team (e.g. bedside nursing staff) cannot view your ratings.

How do the “Assistance” tiles work?

The “Assistance” tiles on the MiHealTeam™ dashboard resemble help call bells, but with a twist - these call bells are no longer blind. You have the ability to notify your nursing team directly when you are in need of assistance by tapping on any of the four “Assistance” categories - Medical; Food/Drink; Mobility; and Technology - and then tapping on “Create Assistance.” You may select your major service request in any of these categories and click “Done” to alert your nursing team. You will receive a notification with an estimated time response back for peace of mind, with assurance that your voice has been heard and help is on the way.

Can you walk me through the MiAdvocate feature?

Sure! MiAdvocate is a unique feature within MiHealTeam™ that allows your approved loved ones to follow along your healthcare journey when they are not able to be physically present with you in the hospital. We understand that your loved ones are a key part of your overall experience, so we designed a secure pathway for them to securely view your plans, broadcasts and other patient interactions remotely and in real-time whenever, wherever. As a result, your loved ones can view meaningful information at their fingertips, and become more informed, engaged and connected to your healthcare journey. MiAdvocate is located within the Menu symbol at the top left corner of the dashboard. After providing consent, you may click “Invite” to send a link to your loved one(s) by email/text message. The link leads to a secure web portal that promptsloved one(s) to sign in or register.

How frequently will my loved one(s) and/or I receive updates through the app?

The frequency and content of all communications or updates on MiHealTeam™ will take place at the discretion of your healthcare team.

Guidance for Healthcare Staff - MiHealTeam™ Features:

How do I change my hospital unit/department?

You will be prompted to select a hospital unit/department when you sign in with your MiHealTeam™ login credentials. You may change your unit within the app by clicking on the Menu symbol on the top left corner of the dashboard, and then clicking on “Change Unit.” Select the appropriate unit from the list and click “Change.”

Where can I find my performance rating within the app and how is it calculated?

You can find your performance rating by clicking on the Menu symbol on the top left corner of the dashboard, and then clicking “Profile.” All patients’ star ratings about you are aggregated together on an ongoing basis, and your performance rating represents the cumulative average of those scores. You do not have access to the breakdown of star ratings per individual patient.

How do performance ratings help unit managers/nursing leadership promote patient experience?

Unit managers/nursing leadership can collect and analyze daily feedback ratings from patients in order to gain new insights and provide proactive and continuous improvement in the patient experience, leading to improved HCAHPS scores and better hospital reputation. They are alerted on strengths and weaknesses in service delivery, and will have the opportunity to intervene early to timely resolve any problems that arise during the inpatient hospital stay, as opposed to hearing about patient complaints post-discharge. They may also compare and contrast staff performance/ratings and average assistance bell response times within and across units, and generate reports during a specified reporting period to facilitate management and decision-making.

How do I remove a patient from my patient list?

You may remove a patient from your patient list by clicking on the “My Patients” tile on the dashboard, clicking on a given patient’s detail page, tapping on the crossed out person icon, and then selecting “Remove.” You may also click on the options symbol (three dots) next to a given patient, and select “Remove patient from my list.” Your name will no longer be visible on the given patient’s “My Care Team” when he or she is deleted from your list.

How do I add a patient to my patient list within the app?

Click on the “My Patients” tile on the dashboard, click “Add New” on the top right of the screen, find your patient by typing the name, unit or date of birth on the search bar, and then click “Add.” Also, most of your patients will be automatically added to your patient list at the start of your shift via the Shift Transfer/Patient Handoffs function.

How do I input patient vital measurements within the app?

Click on “My Patients” on the dashboard and select your patient from your patient list. Next, click on the “Health” tab and click on the pencil icon to enter a given measurement. All vital measurements are date-and-time-stamped. You may also view a history or log of prior vital measurements by other clinical staff members caring for your patient by clicking on the clock icon.

Can other vital measurements or wellness categories be added within the app?

Yes! We have designed our platform and system to be highly customizable and evolving in an effort to promote exceptional care to patients and loved ones.

Can MiHealTeam™ be integratable to our current EMR system?

Yes, MiHealTeam™ has been curated to suit the needs and preferences of your hospital and seamlessly adapt to your workflows, so it has capabilities to either be utilized as a stand-alone solution or be integrated to your current EMR infrastructure.

How do I add a “Plan” on MiHealTeam™ ?

You can add a “Plan” by clicking on “My Patients” on the dashboard, and then clicking on any of the patient detail pages. Next, tap on the “Plans” tab, click “Add Plan,” compose your message by free text or voice dictation, and then select “Add.” You may view, edit or delete your prior date-and-time-stamped plans, as well as view plans authored by the patient or other clinical members on his or her care team.

What are “Broadcasts?”

Physicians and clinical teams can send one-way broadcast messages (voice dictation or free text) to alert patients and nursing staff of rounding plans or other instructions in real-time, allowing all to be more informed and prepared in care coordination. Patients cannot reply back to broadcast announcements. Bedside nursing staff can send or receive broadcasts. Physicians have the capability to loop in nurses in their messages to patients so that nurses are put on notice about their rounding plans, thereby creating a more unified front.

How do I send a “Broadcast” to a patient on MiHealTeam™?

You may send a Broadcast to one or multiple patients on MiHealTeam™ by clicking on the “Broadcasts” tile on the dashboard, composing your message, selecting one or multiple recipients from your patient list, and then clicking “Send Broadcast.” Alternatively, you may send a Broadcast directly to a patient by clicking on the “My Patients” tile, tapping on the options symbol (three dots) next to the chosen patient, and then clicking “Send Broadcast Message.” Additionally, a Broadcast message can be sent by clicking on the Patient’s detail page located within “My Patients,” and then clicking on the blue message icon. Compose your message by free text or voice dictation and click “Send” to notify your patient(s).

How does the “Assistance” tile work from the nursing standpoint?

Call bells are no longer blind. When your patient sends an Assistance bell to his or her care team, nursing staff will receive a direct notification of each patient’s chief request in real-time and can triage accordingly prior to entering the patient room. This allows for more effective and confident interactions, translating to more timely service and patient satisfaction. Assistance bells are highly configurable, and your hospital or health system may choose to add on any other service request or assistance category within MiHealTeam™ to best serve their patients.

How do I view or respond to an “Assistance Bell” from a patient?

Click on the “Bells” tile on the dashboard, click on any of the assistance categories (Medical; Food/Drink; Mobility; and Technology), and tap on any of the patient’s service requests. Next, click “Assist,” select your desired pre-populated estimated time response, and click “Ok” to notify your patient on your estimated time of arrival. The pre-populated responses found in the drop down box include: Will be there shortly; Will be there in 5 minutes; Will be there in 10 minutes; Will be there in 15 minutes; and Assign (these time responses are customizable to fit the needs of your hospital).

What are “Assigned Bells”?

You may assign bells or receive assigned bells from nursing staff in your unit. You may “Assign” your Assistance Bell if your present workload prevents you from timely delivering the requested service to the patient (wait time exceeds 15 minutes, for example). In the same vein, “Assigned Bells” are bells that a nursing staff member in your unit (nurse or nursing aide) sends to you. Nursing staff must act in the patient’s best interest and provide efficient service delivery.

How do I use “Shift Transfer?”

“Shift Transfer” is used during patient handoffs during the interim period when one nursing staff member ends his or her shift, and another nursing staff member just begins. The outgoing nurse or nursing aide can hand off their patient list (along with respective notes, assistance bells and other information) to the incoming nurse or nursing aide, so that they are more informed about their patients’ needs as soon as they start their new shift. To initiate a “Shift Transfer,” click on “Shift Transfer” on the dashboard, select a nursing staff member to transfer your list to, select your patients on your list, and click “Transfer.” The incoming nursing staff member’s profile will be automatically displayed on the patient’s “My Care Team” once the transfer takes place.

How do I use “Share My List?”

“Share My List” is similar to “Shift Transfer.” Physicians may click on “Share My List” on the dashboard, select a physician colleague to share your patient with, select the patient(s) on your list, and click “Share.” The patient is not removed from the initial physician’s patient list; rather, a copy of the patient’s profile is shared with the physician colleague. The physician colleague will also be displayed on the patient’s “My Care Team” to facilitate communication through the app in the form of rounding broadcasts and plans.

How does discharge planning work on MiHealTeam™?

Streamlined discharge planning is front and center with MiHealTeam™ and it can be used to supplement current EMR workflows. Patients may interact with the discharge checklist at any time during their hospital stay, and can inform their care team of areas that they need further clarification on within the app (e.g. medications or wound care). Patients’ loved ones will also see the tentative discharge date upfront on their MiAdvocate portal. As a result, patients and loved ones are more educated and prepared for a safe and timely discharge.

How do I change or update the tentative discharge date on the app?

You may update any patient’s tentative discharge date by clicking on the “Discharges” tile on the dashboard, tapping on the pencil icon, and then selecting the new date from the calendar. Alternatively, you may click on “My Patients” on the dashboard, tap on any patient’s detail page, click “Discharge,” and then select a new date in a similar fashion.

Why do some tentative discharge dates appear in blue, while others appear in red?

On the “Discharges” tile on the dashboard, all of your patients and their respective tentative discharge dates appear in date order from top to bottom. Any tentative discharge date within the upcoming 24 hours appears in red for emphasis to serve as a reminder that the patient will soon be released from the hospital and to ensure that the patient’s questions are fully addressed in advance.