Introducing MiHealTeam™ Mobile Application

As the landscape of the healthcare industry continues to evolve, health systems must be innovative to meet patients' expectations and needs. There needs to be a solution to address patients' frustrations about fragmented communication, delays in service delivery and lack of information. That's where MiHealTeam™ app comes in.

Delivering an Unparalleled Patient Experience

Doctors and clinical teams can send one-way broadcast messages using the Healthcare Staff App to alert patients and nursing staff of rounding plans or other instructions in real-time, allowing all to be more informed and prepared in care coordination.

Patients can digitally submit feedback on their care, allowing proactive and continuous improvement in the patient experience, leading to improved scores in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey - a standardized, publicly reported survey that measures and provides insight into patients' perspectives of hospital care.

Patients' loved ones have the ability to securely view plans and other patient interactions remotely via the MiAdvocate feature if they are not able to be physically present in the hospital.

Delivering an Unparalleled Patient Experience with single phone

Patient Benefits

  • Empower Patients Icon Empower Patients
  • Patient-centric education... Icon Patient-centric education, communication, and coordination of care
  • Access to own select health... Icon Access to own select health and wellness information
  •  Ability to provide real-time feedback... Icon Ability to provide real-time feedback
  •  MiAdvocate feature... Icon MiAdvocate feature allows loved ones to follow patients' healthcare journey
Excellent quality…. Hands holding each other

Excellent Quality Interactions & Efficient Service Delivery

Call bells are no longer blind. Patients have the ability to notify nursing staff directly when they are in need of assistance by tapping on any of the major service requests in the application. Nursing staff are made aware of each chief request in real-time and can triage accordingly prior to entering the patient room. This allows for more effective and confident interactions, translating to more timely service and patient satisfaction.

Hospital and Health System Benefits

  • Improve patient experience... Icon Improved patient experience and satisfaction
  • Real-time feedback... Icon Real-time feedback with improved HCAHPS scores
  •  Timely discharge.. Icon Timely discharge and improved length of stay
  • Time saving... Icon Time saving for healthcare personnel
  • Improved hospital.. Icon Improved hospital reputation, higher patient retention and word-of-mouth recommendations
No delayed discharge... Discharge date within Phone

No Delayed Discharge

Discharge planning is front and center with MiHealTeam™ Staff App. Patients can interact with the Discharge Checklist any time during their hospital stay to ensure that they are fully prepared on the day of discharge. Likewise, the patient advocate portal allows loved ones to know the anticipated discharge date upfront. Patients and loved ones are educated and prepared for a safe and timely discharge.

Virtual Whiteboard... Someone point something on tab

Virtual Whiteboard

MiHealTeam™ Staff App eliminates the need for the whiteboard in the patient room. White board information is available to the care team wherever they may be.